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The Latest Fantasia

For the full text of posts cited in this article, please refer to this Forum thread: New Dr. Nase Update!

On October 19, the rosacea community learned of the latest incarnation of the dedicated rosacea facility Nase is always promising. (See Barbarians at the Forum Gates Again ) This time it is being called 'The Neuro-Vascular Research and Treatment Institute'. All the latest treatments Nase has been whipping up excitement about are to be on offer, including G-Protein Response Modifiers and the portable facial iontophoresis unit 'Maria Cappolla' was supposedly treated with (See Rosacea Forum: Maria Cappolla & Threats against RF and RRDi).

Nase claimed that he had teamed up with "an Internationally recognized physician", who could not yet be named, and that Dr. Patrick Bitter Sr. would be on staff. That was a surprise, since Nase had not long since challenged Dr. Bitter's patent as sole inventor of a topical phenyl-epinephrine lotion. Nase announced that he was "very excited to be a part of this Research and Treatment Institute and possible Director in the near future". In fact, he was so excited that the very next day he started signing his updates as Co-Director.

No one could be told the location of the Institute until the building was "open at full capacity". Nase was confident it would open "soon", although construction had only just begun on the "entire new wing" the Institute was to occupy. Why a whole wing? So the different symptoms and triggers for rosacea could be treated in separate, specially designated sections. Also, in such a grand establishment, it wouldn't do to use the same iontophoresis machine for different topicals, as happens in the spas currently using this form of treatment, e.g. for Botox. No, Nase's special Institute would require "Three rooms for Facial iontophoreses of different medications, two separate laser treatment rooms", and so on.

Peter Waters pointed out the absurdity of having separate treatment areas for different triggers and symptoms, given the large number of rosaceans who had multiple symptoms and triggers. Another poster later played up the unreality of the whole scheme:

"Hey! I like this idea of a dedicated Institute - kind of like a Disneyland for Rosaceans with separate, themed areas. There will be Flushing Land, P&P Land, Erythema Land... I wonder if there will be height restrictions on the rides?"

Waters reminded everyone of a post Nase had made to the Forum at the start of the year, in which Nase revealed that he was considering a job offer from a local medical spa to "perform laser treatments, triple-oxygen therapies for rosacea and iontophoresis application of FDA approved meds". As Waters said, the duties sounded "like a cross between a laser technician and an aesthetician". Almost all of the technology Nase claimed would be available at the new Institute was already in use at the Indianapolis spa, including Botox & other drugs applied by iontophoresis, and the Sciton BBL laser system, for which the luxury spa charged a scorching $750 per treatment.

Forum regulars began niggling away at inconvenient details such as whether it was possible to treat patients with drugs that had not passed FDA approval, and how the new Institute could have the first "Facial Drug Delivery System" when this had supposedly been in use for most of the year at the hospital where 'Maria Cappolla' was treated. Could Maria have been treated at this very spa? Or might she appear as an employee at the Institute, perhaps working alongside 'Amanda'?

A Christmas Present with Miraculously Intricate Parts

On November 11, Nase declared that the Institute would open in December 2006:

"In one month rosacea sufferers will finally have the chance to get treated at the first true Medical Institute dedicated solely to Rosacea research and treatment. I am very excited and honored to be an intricate part of this Institute. ... New staff are being hired, state of the art machines are being built by the manufacturers and the MD. Director has actually gone to such a length as to break ground this week (October 8, 2006) to build the Institute from the ground up over the next 10 to 12 months; meanwhile we will work from the Medical Center."

Nase's sense of time is unbelievably fluid, as he acknowledged in the Deposition ("Dates and me do not mix.") Not surprisingly, there was general disbelief that construction could have already commenced on the Rosacea Wing within three weeks of its having been announced.

"All of this with NO capital campaign - NO fundraising -! So, where is all the $$$ coming from? I googled the name of this "institute" - nothing came up - anywhere. Except of course on Nase's website. And again, with all of the special machines, ground breaking, and specialists working, this "institute" doesn't even have it's own EMAIL address! Or WEB SITE! You still have to email ....... guess who?! Nase!"

Nase's claim that he would be working out of a Medical Centre on a temporary basis just while the Rosacea Wing gets built was greeted as typical grandeur, and as providing cover for the fact that there is no Institute. To counter claims that he was really going to be working in a local health spa, Nase announced that his Institute is "located in the Southern Mid-West (not Indiana or any neighboring state)". As one of the female posters commented, this is "kind of like a treasure hunt at a 6 year old birthday party - or, maybe it is like those "Where's Waldo?" books."

One Rosacea Support Group or Four?

Earlier in the 'New Dr. Nase Update!' thread, when Nase was trying to get things back on track, he added information to his web site in the form of answers to questions he claimed had been sent by email. A new member spotted that and retorted:

"Quit lying Nase. No one emails you. You monitor this forum all day long and update your website accordingly. Hopefully someone has captured your old web pages that highlight all of your gutless lies and attacks."

Nase then revealed that he was tying the new Institute in with the non-existent Quarterly Reports he had been promising since 2001 and his own non-existent Forum (promised since August 2005), which appears to have undergone a name change. He had "already secured three domain names including, .org and .net." He posted a link to the .com site (material since removed), but claimed that it was only the first version.

"We are on the 43rd version with much more information, many more sections, the first quarterly report, interesting graphic headers and colors,, etc."

The reply was withering:

"43rd version. Do you have your own random number generator? So when the site opens up to the public, you'll instantly have 6535 members? No wait. That was months ago. It's probably over 10,000 members by now."

No one commented on the sneakiness of buying up three domain names for Rosacea Support Group, the name of the Yahoo message board that is the longest-running and strongest of the rosacea groups, with around 7,000 members. Presumably, the hope is that newly-diagnosed rosaceans trying to find the Yahoo group will stumble upon one of Nase's sites, permanently 'under construction', and not know the difference.