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Rosaceans contemplating discussing their condition or medications with Nase might want to think very carefully about what they say.

Geoffrey Nase complains bitterly about intrusion into his personal life, but he has a long history of emotionally manipulating people by releasing highly personal details (real or fictional) whenever it serves his purposes, such as the real anguish many of his supporters felt on reading the painful details of his battles against cancer. Yet, at the same time, Nase has no qualms about publicly revealing the most intimate medical information about anyone he dislikes.

Here are some examples of this behavior, old and new:

One Rosacea Support Group member saw this information posted on public view, December 21, 2004:“Your father and psychologist asked me not to respond to you as it feeds your underlying OCD.”
( )

A woman who tried for six months to get a refund for a copy of Nase’s book received a public reply stating that she had told Nase she had a hypersensitivity disorder because her brothers had mistreated her, and that his friend Amanda thought she had “a split personality”.
(ESFB, June 7, 2005, ‘RRF and Dr. Geoffrey Nase’, Reply #51)
This was written about Chuck Young, RRF Vice-president and once a close friend:
“Chuck has a horrible form of rosacea with Severe debilitating Neuropathic Pain. I am so sorry for this and have tried to help him with some success with oral benzodiazapams (he is on klonopin which makes people loopy and emotional) and zanaflex (which also does the same) and add that with mood swings that were common with his neuropathic pain and you just saw what happened …”
(ESFB, June 7, 2005, ‘RRF and Dr. Geoffrey Nase’, reply #9)
Several RRF board members had allegedly “quit the second that Chuck started raving like a lunatic.”
(ESFB, June 7, 2005, ‘RRF and Dr. Geoffrey Nase’, reply #4)

This is currently on Nase’s own web site:

"One of the female writers for the Hate site is on two anti-psychotic/anti-anxiety medications, has recently been admitted and treated for a mental breakdown, and is now using her hate and altered mental state to fuel this site against me. This person is NOT the best writer for a site, or even capable of making rational decisions about any of the content. Why should I bring up this information -- because this unstable, extremely hyper-emotional person is responsible for writing most of the malicious and innacurate information regarding my health and personal attacks on my family.”

For the first few days, Nase named the woman concerned. We can confirm that she has never had a mental breakdown. She is not suffering from or taking medications to treat any kind of mental or emotional condition and never has.


Nase seems to have an unfortunate obsession with hurling psychiatric abuse at people he dislikes. He becomes angry with someone, so he calls them mentally ill but uses demeaning terms like lunatic, loopy, nutty or split personality, the medical term for which is dissociative identity disorder. His readiness to use such offensive terms would not surprise anyone who saw the following exchange on Brady Barrow’s Rosaceans board on May 10, 2005, where Nase wrote quite frankly of his fondness for calling people he disliked nut cases.

A woman had very politely reprimanded him in these terms:

Thanks for your informative reply Geoffrey but it might be best in the future to reframe from calling anyone a "nut case", not very professional. You could have made your point in a more gentle fashion. Let's keep this site pleasant with no name calling or judgemental comments.

Nase conceded the point, but defended his use of the offending words:

You are right. I actually consider "nut case" to be quite forgiving and have gotten into the habit of using it because it flies around the medical profession. We should always keep it professional and constructive. However, one should judge the words and actions of others in the field (may be considered judgemental), because when you outright claim a cure for rosacea, acne and hairloss, something is a little bit off (nutty if you will). I chose nutcase instead of liar, false representation, outright deceptive, etc. So, I thought my short statement was rather generous. The sensitivity level is certainly set quite high for you to respond to that one tiny remark.

Perhaps Nase's INsensitivity level has been set too high.