Bon-bonning it, or fronting up?

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The other big question was whether Nase would ever show his face at the Texas clinic, allowing rosaceans to judge for themselves whether or not his rosacea really is under control and if he looks anything like the beach photos recently posted on his site. The general opinion is that he will stay in Indiana, well out of sight of rosaceans.

It seems probable that Nase will only make his assessments and referrals over the internet - "bon-bonning it in front of the computer screen in Indiana", as one rosacean put it, with reference to Nase's frequent comments about what appear to be his favorite sweets.

In January, Nase had complained on the Forum:

"I have passed up dozens of adverstisements over the years that would let me sit back and eat bon bons. I guess my approach is wrong. Its time to put google adds up there, skin care adds, proactive adds that burn your face, ETS adds, noxaderm adds -- things that dont work but sure do pay well." (our emphasis). Forum Thread RRF announces disolution.

A Forum mod rang the new rosacea institute hoping for more details and was told that Nase "doesn't actually work there physically but consults from out of town". Prospective patients are asked to fill out an online questionnaire, so Nase and Nielson can decide whether or not Nielson's treatments would help. From what Nase has earlier said about his new partner, no one should expect to be turned away.

One of the first rosaceans to check out the questionnaire database was shocked to discover that security was so slack it was quite easy to find the answers supplied by more than 2,000 of Nielson's patients. Confidential information, including "names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, employer information, family information, condition description, past treatments, past doctors, health insurance information, etc.", was on show to anyone who cared to look for it. Before alerting members of the public to this serious breach of privacy, the finder had the decency to wait until the loophole was closed, although he didn't explain how this was achieved.

It looks as if Nase's role will be trying to attract customers he will never see to a clinic he never visits, as was the case with the Darm contract, where he was being paid on commission for "patient gathering". (For more background, see Oregon Rosacea Institute Contract)

There are other echoes of Darm throughout this venture. For example, Nase is encouraging potential clients for the Texas institute to contact him using the email address Messages actually go to '', but the domain name '' is the legal property of Dr. Darm.

Nase may have removed from his own web site the horrendously abusive attacks he had written about his former partner, Dr. Darm, but he is still holding onto a big file of photographs that belong to Darm:

Three photos of Darm's patients have been reproduced in the brochure for the new Texas institute, along with photos of patients treated by Dr. Patrick Bitter Senior. In Nase's brochure, all are uncredited.

Yet, in an effort to prevent anyone from infringing his own legal rights, Nase now states on his web site that no one can use any of "his" trademarked names without first securing his written permission. This includes even the name "Geoffrey" and the initials "G.N."!