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Our last update listed Nase’s incredible health crises between March 21 and April 25, 2005, including 7 major operations relating to cancer in two different sites and three 'fatal' heart attacks that required heroic resuscitations. For five weeks, Nase roller-coasted between death-bed dramas and truly miraculous recoveries, cared for by literally dozens of doctors and various highly-skilled surgical teams in “over a dozen hospitals (all with different specialties)”, as was later claimed.

The only ‘confirmation’ for any of this came from phone calls originating from Nase’s home, and emails sent from his own email address and written by the mysterious Amanda, a woman unknown even to his closest friends and neighbours. By a happy coincidence, Amanda just happened to write in exactly the same style as Nase, using the same phraseology, and was available to post from his computer at any hour of the night, including at 3am.

Within days of the last ‘extremely dangerous’ brain surgery, despite having been told he had only a 1% chance of surviving the operation and being placed straight into a terminal ward at the hospital, Nase was sitting in front of his computer, spending hours composing long and highly-detailed emails, denying that these health crises were anything less than genuine.

We had earlier written about the dramatic story Nase recounts in his book Beating Rosacea (pp 9 - 10), where in his mid-20s, he became so overwrought by rosacea, both physically and emotionally, that he barely ate, took to his bed for five days and felt close to death (“I really felt as though I could just slip away.”) Someone had to break in and rescue him. He was admitted to hospital, put on intravenous fluids to give him strength, and placed on complete bed rest for three days.

This was after having been “seen by over 60 doctors from four different states (Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Indiana)” and being “examined at the best medical universities in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Morgantown, and Indianapolis” and “by numerous top-notch private clinics”.

Our update about the 2005 dramas brought a message from a reader, who wanted to remind us that Nase had been at the centre of a similar major health crisis four years ago. We had remembered that he was absent for a long time with a broken arm and major surgery, but had forgotten the details. The following chronology was put together after checking back through old Support board posts.



Nase suffers a mysterious accident, fracturing his right forearm and damaging his elbow and shoulder. Some people are told it happened when a heavy couch slipped while being shifted downstairs, but others are told it was a car smash Nase barely got out of alive. Either way, his arm requires “extensive reconstructive surgery”.


July 10

Arm put in plaster after a second operation.


July 26

In the Intensive Care Unit, running a 103.5-degree temperature from a bad reaction to the anesthetic (his fourth straight day there).



Hospitalised twice more for severe complications, having lost all feeling in his right arm and shoulder each time.

September 9

Matija, RS moderator, appeals “Please, everyone, keep Dr. Nase in your thoughts and prayers. I think he needs all the support we can give him.”


October 12

Nase tells Support Group members:

“I was examined by dozens of doctors to determine where all the pain was coming from after my accident. They first performed two reconstructive surgeries on my right arm/elbow. The arm has healed beautifully. I am now scheduled for major neck surgery on December 11. They found a ruptured disc that was dangerously close to the spinal cord. So, they need to surgically remove this, fuse three vertebrae together, and remove bone fragments from the neck area (C5 through C7 area) that are crushing some nerves.”

He also announces that he is getting divorced from his wife, who is a neurologist.


December 11

The surgery is successful, but Nase has to undergo 6 to 9 months of rehab. It is predicted that by January, “he should be able to sit up for 5 to 10 minutes”.


February 20

Geoffrey was still facing a long recuperation, “building from being able to sit up for just 30 minutes a day”.


Despite the best attentions of his “dozens of doctors”, Nase didn’t return to the rosacea boards until mid-October 2002, 17 months after the accident occurred.



All of the email messages reporting his condition, whether sent directly to the Support group or to his friends, came from Nase’s own email address, but some were in his name and some were in the name of his wife or of his sister.

As one reader pointed out, when the drama started in mid-May, Nase’s book was only recently printed but already causing him major headaches. The first copies shipped in early April, but there were complaints on the RS board throughout the summer from people who had paid for their copies weeks earlier but still not received them.

There was also the unanticipated problem that few group members wanted to buy the book, arguing that it was the same information they’d already obtained from his posts on the Support board. The general feeling was that Nase would just continue to let them have all the latest information free of charge through the board, so there was no need to purchase his book. This was a bitter disappointment to Nase, who had taken out a loan to self-publish a big print-run.

Even worse, his book was being outsold by works Nase regarded as grossly inferior, according to a message his wife was quoted on August 2 as having sent to the old Facial Blushing forum (forerunner of the ESFB):

“...On another note, he is looking for help on how to get his book seen by a much larger fraction of the internet. He is very open to suggestions because right now his book is floundering. He does not need to make money with his book, but he would like to dig himself and his family out of the HUGE debt that he took on to publish the book. So, he is humbly open to any suggestions, help, or advice. It seems like most people are buying the two Rosacea Handbooks that are called Self Help Books (Self Helpless Books) that really are close to worthless. We dont need "good thoughts" anymore.........we need real physiological medications that block enzymes and proteins from triggering flushing and blushing reactions!”

So, was the 2001 drama that kept Nase off the Support board throughout this difficult time (and long after) faked or genuine? We honestly don’t know, but it does fit the increasingly dramatic pattern we are now finding with Nase:

  • a bizarre escalation of health crises and miraculous recoveries, usually involving surgery;
  • one or more spells in hospital, particularly the Intensive Care Unit;
  • others using his computer to email information about his health, but with the same style of writing, the same word patterns, even the same jokes;
  • the need for complete rest, now generally followed by many months of rehabilitation.