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Since July 2005, Nase has repeatedly claimed the following honors:

I just received important information today that opens up the entire roof to achieve goals that I set for myself many years back -- A Rosacea Institute for Research and Treatment in collaboration with multiple experts in many departments of the Medical University. A real professional Academic-Medical arena that I have known and thrived in for 16 years.
After detailed interviews and evaluation, the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana has granted Dr. Geoffrey Nase full priveleges to offer in-depth private consultations to rosacea sufferers. This will enable him to evaluate rosacea subtypes, severity and recommend treatments based on the most current medical literature to help educate the patient's physician and focus the physician on the most effective treatments offered by experts in the field of rosacea. More specifics on consultations, research and the Rosacea Institute to come in the near future.
(Forum, July 27, 2005 ‘Huge Step Forward in Building Rosacea Institute’)
(ESFB, July 27, 2005 ‘Huge Step Forward in Building Rosacea Institute’)

In fact, the Indiana Medical Licensing Board has denied granting any such ‘privileges’, and Michael Rhinebold, Director of the board, has publicly stated that Nase's claim is “false”.

Nase also claims that the Indiana State Medical Association gave him approval to call himself a rosacea specialist, to consult with patients over the Internet and to dispense medical advice. Adele Lash, the association's spokeswoman, says: “I can tell you point-blank that is a bold-faced lie. (See Indianapolis Star Newspaper Article)


On June 23, 2005, Nase announced to ESFB and the Forum:

I was invited to join a large Healthcare Council as a Rosacea Consultant Specialist. My duties would be three-fold:
1. Educate the council on rosacea pathophysiology, treatment AND INSURANCE COVERAGE of this disorder.
2. Perform seminars on rosacea at large National Healthcare meetings
3. Perform 30 to 60 minute phone consultations with rosacea sufferers to guide them to the best treatments and doctors.
(ESFB June 23, 2005 ‘Changing rosacea perception from the inside out’)

The next day, he announced:

They do send specific patients to specialists through their health care group... I have already had 3 One hour consultations with rosacea sufferers. ... I have indeed have had three excellent rosacea sufferer consults through this health care plan and they pay the entire rosacea bill …

Clients four and five were reportedly already lining up for their consultations.

However, what this company supplies is a consultation service for INVESTORS. It has nothing to do with patient care or insurance coverage. Someone thinking of investing in a particular firm or industry can ring the Council and be passed on to an advisor, who will answer questions relevant to investment opportunities. Part of the fee potential investors pay to the firm is passed on to the advisor. That’s it.

In fact, for would-be advisors, the application takes 5 minutes, is done online, and acceptance is almost guaranteed for anyone with a post-grad degree. Much of the advice is given by phone interview or over the internet, and really is not much more advanced than the promotions advertising "get paid for completing online surveys".