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Recently people have come forward, one by one, and formed a group to support and validate mutual concerns about the behavior displayed by Nase, both publicly and privately.
The individuals in this group wish to remain anonymous for the same reason that people from Nase's personal and professional past have asked to be protected. If you've seen Nase's recent postings and you are reading these statements, ask yourself honestly if you are surprised by this fact. The simple truth is that Nase's anger has become chronic and abusive.
We have uncovered a lot of factual material that cannot be divulged, in order to protect sources and identities. However, we hope that even the limited information we are providing on this website will show that Nase has displayed disturbing, erratic and harmful behavior. His apparent emotional state leads us to strongly encourage him to seek help.
We also ask that you, the reader, forget for a moment that you need 'Dr. Nase' to help you with your rosacea. If you have winced at a harsh word or response from Nase and then made excuses in your own mind for his bad behavior, ask yourself why.
If we don't treat Nase as an equal and call him on his unacceptable behavior, we are cheating him of the reasonable boundaries and arbitration that friends and peers naturally provide. We need to look at Nase as a person, and not as our only hope to cure rosacea, not as someone we must put up with no matter how unacceptably he behaves.

You can contact us at [1]