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In the summer of 2005, while trying to verify some of Nase's published claims, we contacted a handful of people he claimed to have business dealings with. That was mostly limited to a single brief and polite phone call or email. Nase falsely presented that as a massive and sustained campaign of harassment, so we decided never again to initiate contact with anyone he claimed to be involved with. We have stuck to that policy. Since then, Nase has written about dozens of companies and doctors and products and we have never contacted any of them.

In the summer of 2005, several Debunkers posted a small number of messages on the ESFB board to rebut some of Nase's published claims. Because of the battles being fought between Nase and his supporters and a group of critics who were far harsher about Nase than we have ever been, ESFB descended into a ferocious brawl and we decided never again to post about debunking on any rosacea board. We have stuck to that policy.

In December 2008 we were alerted to the fact that Nase was trying to use the tiny Topix rosacea board as a new base. We didn't post to warn members partly because of our policy and partly because Nase was being ignored by the genuine members. Months later, someone spammed the board with our weblink. It was not us. We haven't posted our link anywhere since 2005 because it is well known and easily found.

Our articles report what is discussed on the boards and we do not initiate stories. We do our best to keep our reportage fair and to get our facts straight, issuing corrections where applicable (for example Dr. Crouch's clarification). Although we updated (the first in 10 months) to relay what was happening on Nase's web site as reported at Topix, we deplore the battles that are now happening there and have refrained from reporting allegations made by either side. Our hope is that Topix will soon return to the peaceful and friendly status now seen at ESFB and other boards.