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Key Documents: Original Transcript 208 pages and the Concise Transcript 81 pages

In October, with a clear and decisive victory against Nase's lawsuit (the judge ruled it meritless), we had hoped to shutter our virtual doors and move on, along with the rest of the rosacea community. This hope was predicated on the assumption that Geoffrey Nase would recognize that he had lost all credibility and give the community a break from his misinformation and deception.

Since then, we have sadly observed that the spin continues and absurd claims are being made about the reason why he abandoned his court case. Thus, our decision to release the official deposition, transcribed by the court, to set the record straight. It does not get more legit or official than a court document, so please read it for yourselves.

We're posting two versions of the transcript. The first is the original, which runs to 208 pages. The second runs to 81 pages because it has been compressed. The text is identical, and as certified by the official court stenographers, who can verify the truth of these documents. (Their contact details are included.)

These are the only significant errors:

p.12 line 12 position's; p.116 line 5 Willamette; p.157 lines 19 & 20 Candela & Sciton; p.189 line 5 Badzik; p.203 line 1 Danish.

We had offered to keep the deposition confidential but this offer was rejected outright by Nase. Even so, we have hesitated over making this information available because of difficulties timing it away from any of Nase's medical dramas. (He was absent from the Forum for 18 days from November 22 - December 9, which he later described as "away for a couple months for a discectomy". Then there was "major surgery" on December 14th, which was supposed to see him incapacitated for at least three weeks, but which was suddenly condensed into a single day's recuperation when Nase was unhappy with the way the Collagenix story was being presented.)

Lastly, we would urge rosaceans to educate themselves about two classic internet personalities that everyone online should watch out for: Trolls and Munchausen Syndrome by Internet. You are likely familiar with examples of both syndromes from your own experience with boards.,russo,25810,1.html