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On March 29, 2003, in a message on ESFB, Geoffrey Nase referred to: "my hundreds of posts that I have written to numerous support groups over the last 4.5 years". ('A Word to HappyRosaceaFree')

By the time Nase gave his deposition in September 2005, this had ballooned to "approximately 55,000 posts in eight years": "I know that I've posted over 30,000 posts with the rosacea support group ... And I had been part of nine other support groups where I posted several thousand posts to each group." see Deposition Transcript Published

In January 2006, on the Rosacea Forum, he wrote of: "55,000 posts over eight years on RS Yahoo, RS Knowledge, Bradys Board, AOL, and this board. ... Please, anyone who questions my integrity, just look back over 8 years and 55,000 posts." (January 15, 2006, 'Thank you Dr. NASE')

Under cross-examination in the Marion County Superior Court two months later, Nase claimed that the total had risen to 57,000 posts across these sites: Yahoo Rosacea Support Group, ESFB Rosacea Board, ESFB Blushing Board, AOL Rosacea Board, MSN Rosacea Board, Rosacea Knowledge Board, and the Rosacea Forum ( There was no explanation of how he could have clocked up another 2,000 posts so quickly when permanently banned from all of the main groups.

Perhaps it's time to compare these figures with the official totals recorded by the boards themselves.

Yahoo Rosacea Support Group = 1,659

A search for posts with Nase as the author across the whole period in which RS has been in existence shows a total was 1,659. This includes 899 messages from his most prolific period, between September 2004 and June 2005, when he had left Indiana University and was able to post around the clock. In his deposition, Nase claimed "I know that I've posted over 30,000 posts with the rosacea support group because you can click into the group under my name and find out how many posts I've made, or within a post how many times I've answered". In fact, most posts that mention Nase's name were made by other members, whether questioning Nase, quoting him, praising or criticising him. It is absurd to count them as 'his' posts.

( Advanced Author Search for `drnase' + `gnase' )

Rosacea Forum ( = 1,659

This total includes 301 messages sent in January 2006, the month in which Nase was banned.

(Rosacea Forum Details for `user number 3'

ESFB = 1,258

This is the total recorded from December 2002 until he was permanently banned. However, in the fall of 2005, there were also several posts as a guest, which might not have been recorded.

(ESFB Author Search for `drnase')

Rosacea Knowledge = 270

Confirmed by the board owner.

Rosaceans = 31

This is Brady's main group.

Advanced Author Search for `drnase'

AOL Rosacea Board = ?

We've heard nothing from this board, which can only be read by AOL subscribers, but suspect that it is probably very small.

MSN Rosacea Board = 0

The members of this little group have managed to write only 246 posts since it was founded in 2000. Nase does not appear to have posted at all. ( )

Total number of posts by Dr Geoffrey Nase to six of these seven boards:


Allowing for the fact that at the height of the Rosacea Wars, dozens of Nase's most contentious posts were deleted, it would be fair to say that the total number of his posts across all of the boards totalled approximately 5,000, give or take a few hundred. That is a large number, but less than 10% of the 57,000 now being claimed.