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After being caught out too many times on the main rosacea boards, Nase has decided to start his own board. He is promising a moderated site with an IP tracker plus verification system. Non-members won’t even be allowed to read messages, let alone post. Nase expects to have his next board "up and running the first quarter of the New Year", ie by the end of March 2006.

This must be very awkward for Warren, who started a Rosacea Forum especially for Nase on June 10, 2005. In five months, the group has grown to a respectable tally of 563 members, presumably including all of Nase’s admirers. Yet Nase claims that less than 36 hours after asking for expressions of interest in his proposed new board, well over a thousand members had already signed up.

(ESFB, August 21, 2005 'Rosacea Forum Completes First Interview - Genetics', reply #15)

Nase expects to “perform in-depth rosacea consultations” on his new board. Another attraction is that: “This rosacea group will be a little bit different as we will also address the newest findings in facial blushing, facial flushing and neural burning.” There was no explanation of why he hadn’t been doing that on any of the other groups he had posted to over the years.

(Forum, August 7, 2005 ‘Rosacea Treatment and Research Board’)


Rosaceans have always struggled to get any kind of insurance coverage for laser treatments, but the situation has been improving and some health companies will now reimburse treatments, to a limited extent. On the Support board, and later on the Forum, patients have shared information and tried to co-ordinate efforts at getting insurance coverage.

Ironically, the two much-misrepresented meetings in Seattle that have since been spun into a bizarre, paranoid fantasy were actually called “for support & insurance advocacy”, mainly “to strategize on how to acquire insurance coverage for IPL”.

To make it easier for rosaceans to succeed with insurance claims, since July Nase has been promising free forms that would almost guarantee success:

"All the insurance documents will soon be posted for free on my website for everyone to download (7 to 9 pages each depending on your subtype). There are five different versions to cover the five major scenarios. Plus, there are multiple comparisons made with the most common rosacea treatments that show the insurance companies that laser treatment actually pays for itself in 7 to 10 months in most cases. That's how you win over insurance companies. That's the secret. FREE for everybody."
(ESFB, July 26, 2005 'Five Laser Treatments for $30 copay -- Yep', reply #1)
"I will paste the Insurance forms in Adobe Acrobat, so all you need to do is download the free Acrobat reader, print it out and sign it."
(ESFB, July 26, 2005 'Five Laser Treatments for $30 copay -- Yep', reply #2)
“I will also be emailing each member a series of laser and medication insurance documents in PDF format directly to the members of the group to help them get these treatments covered.”
(Forum, August 7, 2005 ‘Rosacea Treatment and Research Board’)

The forms never went up, but people do sometimes ask where to find them. Enquirers are now being told that the forms will only be given to members of the new group.


However, the insurance forms might be on a par with Nase's now infamous Quarterly Reports ; which we were told would be of great help to rosaceans but would primarily be written for physicians, medical researchers and pharmaceutical firms. Despite being promised as coming soon when his book was published in 2001, and despite Nase’s assurances over the past four years, not a single issue ever came out. The current ETA for that is also Spring 2006.

Unfortunately we learnt during the deposition that Nase is still deciding if he will publish Quarterly Reports, more than 4 years after they were first promoted. We think it is safest to assume that the Quarterly Reports will never be published.