Maria Cappolla: The Truth at Last

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Although Nase is on a life-time ban from all the main boards, when he slipped back onto the Forum as "redbegone", his messages were not removed but were instead labelled with "known socket puppet account" - a tag used to make it clear that the poster has been identified as a troll or nuisance poster.

One of the Forum mods challenged Nase to come clean with members and own up to "the other infamous user name you posted with". When Nase replied that he had only posted under the title "Guest", ordinary members were left bemused.

What they didn't know was that Nase had been so sure no one would see through his latest disguise that he used the same IP address for "redbegone" that he had used for his "Maria Cappolla" message of September 14, the one in which he posed as his own adoring patient in a non-existent study into G-Protein Response Modifiers. It's an important point because Maria Cappolla is the only witness to many of Nase's claims. See also Rosacea Forum: Maria Cappolla & Threats against RF and RRDi.

It took three days for the secret to come out, when the mod posted: "Does this now mean that I shouldn't say that redbegone = MariaCappolla? Perhaps I shouldn't drop that bomshell yet, huh? Ah, ok, I won't do it. I will sit on my hands and take more abuse."

It would have come as a bombshell, had it not been for the fact that almost everyone had long since accepted that there is no Maria Cappolla, despite Nase's protestations that "Maria is real!" As one member said: "It is pretty creepy ... We all needed imaginary friends at times. Mostly when we're 3 though..."

The thread (ironically titled 'Dr. Nase Sets the Record Straight with Facts') stopped two months later, but was revived on June 6 when someone asked: "Whatever happened with the G-protein modifier applied with wand???", followed by:

"... if Maria Crapolla had 6-9 months of TOTAL REMISSION from one 15-minute treatment, face as white as a sheet, (she was so happy, she cried) even when subjected to all major triggers... Then why waste time working on 2 topicals that must be applied every day????"

Over the next 12 days, the thread gathered 37 posts, including messages questioning Nase's real role at the Texas clinic and the fact that he has never been seen by any of his "patients", in contradiction of the Cappolla post. Nase's activities were also highlighted by a new Forum member, who wrote about her treatment at the clinic and the fact that something didn't seem right, especially as Nase was never mentioned there and he only consulted by phone.

Many of the messages referred back to Nase's impersonation of not just a woman, but his own admiring patient ("no bigger hero in my book"). On July 18, a Forum member not known for flights of fancy took another look at the Cappolla story and posted this:

"... it reads like the script for the worst B movie you ever saw. I try and picture it, Maria is not just any big Nase supporter but she has had this "out of body" experience, there she was running half naked down these endlesss corridors, then the music gets louder, and she bursts into this room full of physicians, and there he is bathed in light, Nase!!! Then one touch of the wand and she is cured, meanwhile the scene switches to the fiendish Thai chef who is preparing tubs full of the hottest Thai food ever prepared, but to no avail, she is cured. How could you ever doubt this miracle (...) after all it has been in newspapers all over the world, on every news bulletin, and thousands have been cured ?? It is just that a pity that all of this happened in a parallel world that we do not live in, and its name is Nasopia."

Nase hurried back to protest. Although permanently banned, he managed to get one post up on the board (deleted thread # 9461). It was yet another attack on Peter Waters, a long-term member of two rosacea groups, and a regular contributor to the Cappolla thread. According to Nase, a complaint against Waters has now

"reached the top of the UK Regulatory commision -- all 4 levels which means its quite serious. A Blog is being built with the exact dialogue from the Regulatory Commission, photos of clients he has hurt and statements from physicians. ... We have names, dozens of correspondences, and this will all be publicized to help protect rosacea sufferers and newbies."

In short, it was the same old nonsense. 'Hate blogs will be set up against you' and 'the authorities are going to take you away and punish you' are two of Nase's favorite themes. Almost everyone Nase has crossed swords with since June 2005 has been reported as about to be prosecuted by fearsome legal authorities, and it has never once been true.

The most significant part of Nase's message was the way he tried to halt the mockery over his impersonation of Maria. Referring to the g-protein trials hardly anyone believes took place, Nase wrote:

"A female who went through the first two trials, who respects me, and wanted to talk about her results asked me to relay a message which I paraphrased and posted under a different name -- she was on medical disability and is now leading a different life. But, she does not need any additional stress by posting to this board. It was truthful, it was a message written to me to put forth to give hope and show Peter's shallowness, I paraphrased it and posted it. That is all I am guilty of ..."

That came as quite a surprise because as soon as the Cappolla message went up on the Forum, members had pointed out Nase's standard spelling mistakes, his overuse of particular words, and frequent repetition of short phrases for emphasis. Nase had denied that his fingerprints were all over it, putting the following denials on his web site, denials he had stuck to until this week:

"A female who was involved in a clinical trial on Biological Response Modifiers in which I played a big role in treatment and analysis for rosacea redness and flushing (detailed below) read this and posted to the group a very nice, informative letter and the same people mentioned above jumped right on her stating it must be me because of writing style. This is sad. First of all, check the IP address -- not me. Second, the statement that "its my writing style" is old, not analytical, scientific nor correct. In all my years, Dr. Nase is always the user name and my signature is always at the bottom. I stand by my words and am actually probably one of the few people left who has never used an alias. Furthermore, when people read an entire book, a dozen journal articles, an entire rosacea web site and tens of thousands of posts, people naturally tend to mimic some of the styles of my writing and key phrases."

Later additions to Nase's denial included:

"For the record -- NOT ME."

"You cannot take bits and pieces from one post and state that it is obviously me."

It is always "obviously Nase" because his disguises are so transparent, yet he can never understand how "lesser people" spot him. As one member phrased it: "He may have a PhD but it is definitely not in the discipline of intelligence or logical thinking."