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Geoffrey Nase used to be a diabetes researcher. He worked in that capacity for several years and was published in a number of peer-reviewed journals. However, he is not a rosacea researcher. He has never held a paid position in rosacea research. He has never received a single grant for rosacea research. He has never conducted even one clinical study on rosacea.

The only acknowledged standard for medical research is to have one’s work accepted by peer-reviewed publications. Nase has only ever had one article relating to rosacea published in a peer-reviewed publication, when he was listed as the secondary co-author.

It is noteworthy that if you look at any of the rosacea studies conducted by real researchers, in the hundreds of footnotes listed, Nase is never credited, never cited.

So far, Nase’s involvement in the field of rosacea research has chiefly been limited to tracking down studies conducted by others, and then passing that information on to the public. That is how his book was written, and that is how he finds the ‘new research’ material he posts about. Some of it does come from phone calls to labs, but our best understanding is that Nase finds most of his scientific material from internet searches and online medical journals, and he then cuts & pastes it for sending out to the boards.

Our main objection to Nase’s posts about research is the fact that he is continually and deliberately raising false hopes. The standard pattern is that he is wildly enthusiastic about a wonderful new treatment, then he retreats. He presents his own suppositions as quality information. Long before this over-hyped treatment fails to perform in tests, Nase has moved on to the next wonder cure, and the next and the next, with never a backward glance at all of his failed predictions.

In several instances, we have seen Nase write something up as promising the moment he hears of it, then have to backtrack when it turned out that the studies had already been completed and proved negative. Sometimes his ‘cutting edge’ info is just that, but sometimes it is already years out of date.


So what else is wrong with Nase’s posts about research? The constant attempts to make himself the centre of attention and to take credit for ‘facilitating’ studies that are nothing to do with him and have often occurred without his knowledge.

Nase claims to be in touch with all the experts. We have established that he has sometimes claimed to have interviewed scientists even when the reported conversation was lifted word for word from press releases or other material easily found on the internet. He writes up studies being conducted by R&D teams as "we" are doing this and "we" are doing that, as if he was a member of each team, rather than just an outsider looking in.

Teams of professional researchers neither want nor need Nase to direct them, or to influence their studies. His constant attempts to wiggle his nose in wherever possible and reap undeserved rewards might impress his supporters on the boards, but they certainly do not impress the real researchers.

It would be great if one rosacean really could some day direct teams of researchers into working along lines most favorable to rosaceans. Nase might like you to believe he has the prestige to direct and influence a large segment of rosacea research, but he has not.


Nase has tried very hard to get people who disseminate rosacea information to the public to acknowledge him as the great expert on the subject. It isn’t just a matter of objecting to unattributed quotes from his book, but of complaining about people who try to write about rosacea without referring to him at all!

Both in private correspondence and in threatening letters from his lawyer, Nase has insisted that he must be credited if anyone discusses a rosacea topic that he happens to have reported on. To quote Nase:

"Do not pass this off as your own information. If it is not common knowledge to most layman and physicians and I present the information, that is copyright infringement."

Lawyer’s letters we were shown demanded an acknowledgement that almost any online discussion of rosacea impinges upon "Dr Nase's intellectual property". Failure to comply with Nase’s demands would be punished: "We will seek your permanent removal from any rosacea-related group or website". So much for encouraging the spread of information about rosacea!