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Maria Cappolla Comes and Goes

Members of the Rosacea Forum wondering how Geoffrey Nase has been filling his time were enlightened on September 14th by a new thread titled 'Dr. Nase Sets the Record Straight with Facts'. It is well worth reading:

A brand-new member, introducing herself as "Maria Cappolla", told a peculiar tale of having been treated for the past seven months by the incredible Dr. Nase, who was conducting experimental trials at an unnamed clinic in an unnamed state. The treatment involved G Protein modifiers (See What about G-Protein modifiers?), needle injectors, a "portable wand for delivery", and Thai food. Every 30 days, "Dr. Nase flies in and takes samples and recordings with gadgets that look like they were from a movie", while representatives of four different biotech companies and "countless physicians all sit down and take notes". It was, as one reader put it, "bizarro world at its best!"

Maria explained, "They are starting a larger trial and I am done, but Dr. Nase will continue to treat me as long as the physicians OK it. He really is not suppose to but he understands -- you cant just taste freedom and then be locked up again for a few years." Hmm, apparently not.

Maria posted a link to Nase's most recent update and urged everyone to read it. She even mentioned that Nase ("no bigger hero in my book") had shed his excess weight and was down to 190 pounds. The sheer adulation raised immediate suspicions that 'Amanda', the woman who comes forth like Tinkerbell and urges everyone to rally behind Geoffrey in his hour of need, had been reborn.

Forum members are now pretty shrewd, as the earliest comments showed:

  • "Now he has a magic wand! Really! This is pathetic."
  • "Come to your own conclusions but this to me is so obviously Dr. Nase. It's quite sad what this has come to."
  • "Your post is so infected with psychological inconsistencies that I don't see how anybody could buy that story ... This has to be one of the most childish and moronic attempts Nase EVER has done to change the publics degrading perception of him."
  • "... he's just such a bad actor it's almost hilarious. What strikes me the most is the lack of self-criticism that Nase, as long as I can remember, puts forward, and the endless love for himself and his 'accomplishments'."

One reader pointed out that Maria's writing style shared identical grammatical features and spelling errors with Nase's own writing. "He's not even trying to hide the fact that it's him."

Others urged compassion, rather than laughter. One member posted in its entirety an excellent article on Munchausen syndrome (Cybersickness: Munchausen by Internet Breeds a Generation of Fakers, by Francine Russo, 2001) This led Peter Waters to break the surprising news that a writer was working on "a book about the Rosacea Wars from the angle of what happened when two little understood medical conditions collided, which in this case is Rosacea and Munchausen's by internet".

Attempts to contact Maria failed. Despite promising "I will do my best to answer questions", she ignored requests for even the most basic information about the trial, or about her own condition. A google search could find no record anywhere in the world of anyone named "Maria Cappolla".

Threats against Rosacea Forum and RRDi

Nase's last attempt to influence the Rosacea Forum late July / early August also brought him ridicule. In a thread titled 'Attempted destruction of RF and RRDi', one of the moderators revealed that Nase had demanded the immediate removal from the archives of any mention of his name, and an assurance that no one would ever again be permitted to discuss him. Failure to comply would bring down upon their heads the might of the US government, which would block the site and fine the moderators and administrators, and would also threaten the existence of the charitable organisation set up to raise funds for medical research. In a vain attempt at preventing the usual mockery, Nase had added a toothless Confidentiality Clause.

This brought laughter at Nase's amusing "B-movie bad guy impression" and the "obviously empty, juvenile threats". Not one but two official government investigators had been monitoring the board for over 45 days - remarkable, given the current panic over homeland security - and various powerful agencies were standing by ready to pull the plug at Nase's request. One member rang up and quickly established that the Indiana Attorney General's office had received no complaints about the Forum and had not been monitoring it. They didn't even have offices corresponding to the titles Nase had listed as being poised to act against the web site.

Another member satirised Nase's threats, while pointing out the grandiosity of his plans for the subscription-based board he was hoping would supplant the free rosacea boards, including the Forum:

"And I will curse your grandchildren's children and their dogs too!! WOW, a glimpse into a scary mind -- but not in the way he intended. ... He is building his machine, his machine will be very large and powerful with many important soldiers, his machine will swallow our machine, resistance is futile. ... His stepped up 'intimidation' tactics may have something to do with the fact that Dr. Bitter and his legal council as well as CBS 60 Minutes have been alerted to Nase's activities."

The reference to Dr. Bitter was to Dr. Patrick Bitter, Senior, who is patenting a topical rosacea treatment Nase claims to have co-created. As for the CBS investigative news show, '60 Minutes', we believe this is at least the second time Nase has been reported to them.