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At the time of our last update, the Rosacea Forum was in turmoil after Geoffrey Nase had again been caught writing anonymous messages about himself. His comment "There is no need for me to do this again" suggested that these undignified performances might stop, but instead the situation escalated. When someone posted a photo of Nase taken at his deposition, Peter Waters commented on Nase's weight problems, which unleashed an understandable wave of criticism over judging people on their looks.

Waters' reply included the following:

"We would all agree with you that people shouldn't be judged on their appearances, but it is difficult to apply that to Nase after he blamed his obesity on (fake) brain tumours and recently pretended to be a woman named "Maria Cappolla" and had her post a ridiculous, hero-worshipping report, including that he was now down to 190 pounds. Honestly, no one could really care less about Nase's weight if he didn't keep staging insanely dramatic performances about it."

The two men have long been at war. Nase now claims that Waters owns the DB site and writes the articles. Not true! Waters isn't even a Debunker. Another of Nase's bizarre claims is that Waters has acne, not rosacea. To disprove this, Waters recently posted letters taken from his medical file, proving that he has rosacea but keeps it well under control through Red Light Therapy. (See Forum thread: Peter Waters - Proof of Rosacea)

Mention of Nase's obesity, which is still a very sore point with him, brought Nase hurrying back onto the Forum. This time he used the pseudonym "redbegone". Pretending to be someone who had just noticed that Nase's web site had been updated, "redbegone" posted a link to a set of beach photos and wrote: "I see that Dr. Nase has updated his site with August 2006 photos and is now 7 years in remission. Thats good news no matter how you slice it. ..." ( Dr. Nase Photo Updates 2006 -- Remission for 7 Years)

Nase's style gives him away every time, but when called out, "redbegone" scoffed: "Of course everyone is Dr. Nase." One of the Forum's computer experts promptly posted a screenshot showing the slogan "redbegone" on one of Nase's ESFB posts. Nase must have thought no one would remember the slogan, although it had appeared below his name on more than 1,200 ESFB posts until he was permanently banned from that board late last year, and of course it remains on all of his archived posts.

Attention then turned to the photos, which showed Nase holidaying with his family and looking like a college student. The general consensus was that the photos were probably more than 10 years old, eg: "Dr Nase, I'm sorry but these photos are not taken in the same decade as the ones of you posted in the other thread and dated October 05."

Nase countered by showing a date stamp allegedly printed on the back of one photo, saying "The best I can do is show the date stamp with all the film lingo that should be verifiable. I need not defend myself on this issue." That brought the stinging response: "Excuse me...... the best that you can do is to stop lying."

With reference to one of Nase's impersonations, a Canadian wrote:

"I believe you, really I do. You have always been so honourable and transparent in your motives. Just ask Maria. I mean really, go look in the mirror and ask her. She loves you. It's important to be loved. ... We understand that you have to pretend to be someone else, so you can properly defend yourself. No one else will do it for you. We do feel sorry for you, Smigel, err Dr. Nase, that you must struggle so. Get well soon. ..."

To discourage anyone from continuing down this path, an anonymous member set up a poll asking "Is it right to torment a mentally disabled person?" (options for voting were: 'No, it's cruel' & 'Yes, I enjoy it!')

Replies included:

  • "Are you asking is if we enjoy taunting someone who regularly practices deceit and puts out terrible lies to destroy the reputation of others?"
  • "It is not right to torment anyone! Absolutely not. As it is also NOT right to allow a 'mentally disabled person' to torment unsuspecting persons who look to their advice as truth and hope."
  • "No, I dont think it is fair to torment someone suffering from a mental disorder. ... That said, I do think that those suffering pyschiatric problems do need to seek treatment just as with any other type of disorder. Sometimes that means that those who are nearest and dearest must be cruel to be kind. Do you allow your alcoholic father to continue drinking, or do you stage an intervention? Personally, I would rather take positive action and help my friend / family member to beat their problem."

That last, heart-felt comment came from a young Englishman, who astonished everyone two days later by suddenly launching just that kind of intervention, with the declared aim of 'saving Nase from himself'. (See The Petition: An Opportunity for Redemption?)