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In a thread Honey, I shrunk the rosacea institute!, a Forum regular asked: "Has anyone noticed how the world's first-ever "Neuro-Vascular Research and Treatment Institute" shrank down to America's only Rosacea Research and Treatment Institute and has now dwindled down to a Texas Rosacea Treatment centre?"

Yes, the grand institute Nase had said was being built "from the ground up" with an "entire new wing" for rosacea has, as one critic put it, been "distilled to suite-sized dimensions" and is being run from a clinic in San Antonio, Texas. The laughter over Suite 400 died away the moment it was revealed that the clinic is run by Dr. David Nielson, the ETS surgeon who operated on Nase several years ago.

ETS stands for Endo-Thoracic Sympathectomy, where part of the sympathetic nervous system is cut or blocked in an attempt to limit excessive sweating, flushing or blushing. ESFB and other boards for people suffering from these problems frequently debate the merits or otherwise of ETS, and many rosaceans are aware of how badly this operation can fail. Although there definitely are satisfied customers, in the worst cases, ETS patients may lose all ability to regulate temperature in the upper third of their bodies, may be left permanently exhausted, may suffer severe emotional problems (including lack of judgement), and may end up incapable of holding down a job.

ETS has been banned in several countries and campaigners are trying to get the ban extended to the US, even if only for blushing and flushing. A number of US surgeons have voluntarily given up performing ETS on blushers and flushers, after lawsuits over poor results and crippling side effects. However, Dr. Nielson still continues to perform this operation for blushing/flushing.

Since teaming up with Nase, he has added a 'rosacea page' to his ETS web site. The fact that the brochure on that web page lists "thorough evaluation via Rosacea Specialist, Blushing Specialist and Surgeon" lead to fears that this was "just an ETS clinic with a little laser on the side" where rosaceans would be pressed to undergo surgery Nase had previously said was unsuitable for at least 95% of rosaceans.

The most extraordinary thing is that Nase had previously savaged his new business partner in posts that remain in the archives of the boards Nase has tried to close down, eg:

"I have become disgusted with the ETS surgeons. They are now openly displaying it on the Internet for the treatment of rosaceal. That is wrong..... and Dr. Nielson and others should be ashamed of themselves. I have also never heard Dr. Nielson turn down a patient. Just like a surgeon -- go in and cut first and ask guestions later. He is by far the best surgeon, but I question his morals and his objectivity."

Why would Nase go into business with someone he has so strongly condemned? One Forum member offered a possible explanation:

"I think at the end of the day Geoffrey needs to find someone who is up and running in a a medical business, annd possibly Nielson is the only one who would cooperate and was prepared to work with him. On the other hand we rosacea sufferers know Neilson as the ETS man, and would not normally not give him the time of day, now the link up with Geoff has already got lots of people talking about him again, so he just might get some custom. ... With all the bad publicity the chances of getting a rosacea sufferer to get involved with ETS are slim! So invest in laser/IPL and other things (he already has a premises, staff, etc.) and you can be in the very lucrative rosacea treatment business. ..."

Stung by the criticisms, Nase said that ETS would not be performed at the institute, and he asked for one of his lengthy replies to be posted to the Forum, including this remarkable comment:

"First and foremost, I owe no one any explanation of anything I do in my life, from my job, to dating, to eating dog flesh in the Phillipines ..."! (For full text, refer to the thread 'Honey, I shrunk the rosacea institute!'.)

Please note that we are not making any comment on Dr. Nielson, his techniques or his business practices. We are not in touch with Dr. Nielson and have no idea if he is even aware of the existence of this web site. (Despite Nase's frequent claims to the contrary, since July 2005 we have made no attempt to reach any of the people he has reported having business links with, although if they choose to contact us to discuss mutual concerns, we are happy to talk with them.)