The Petition: An Opportunity for Redemption?

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Bob Bear, one of the most popular members of the rosacea internet community, had in the past been so staunch a supporter of Nase that some of the trolls still insist that he is Nase impersonating an Englishman. That bizarre and totally wrong belief was shattered on November 22nd when "The Bear" (or "BB", as he is commonly known) launched a surprise appeal calling on Nase's other friends to join him in urging Nase to walk away from the community and seek professional help.

BB explained:

"I think of a Nase supporter as someone who loves Geoffrey, but is honest enough with themselves to acknowledge the truth - that he clearly is deteriorating in terms of his mental health and stability and is destroying himself in the process. Rather than causing trouble and bulling him up in private, I try to remind people of the great man that he once was, of the endless hours he put into helping us one on one etc. I try to help people understand that it is not an evil spirit that drives Geoffrey to act in ways which some members might find difficult to understand, but rather personal issues and ill health (imo)."

He urged rosaceans:

"Please summon your compassion and sign this thread to make Geoffrey aware of your support. I know that most of you remember what a cool, funny and helpful guy he used to be. I know he has wronged MANY people severely, but I hope that you can still see past the maliciousness far enough to know that this is the right thing to do for a former friend and ill man."

Rather than attempt to summarize BB's long and complex message, we would suggest that you visit the Forum and read this important thread for yourselves: IMPORTANT: A Petition - The Friends of Dr Nase. However, when arguments broke out and insults were traded, a mod cleaned up the thread so it is now peppered with "edited" marks where hostile comments have been removed.

BB's 'tough love' attempt to find a way through the impasse was almost universally accepted as courageous and well-intentioned, but was doomed to failure because there was never any chance of Nase respecting the wishes of the rosacea community. As BB later admitted (A Clarification regarding the Petition Thread):

"It appears that I have nothing but bring down considerable heat on myself without good cause. ... The way Geoffrey has responded to my plea is as a challenge and threat, rather than an opportunity for redemption. IN MY OPINION, he is lost. I have tried to deny that fact for along time, but finally it has hit home. The man who I onced considered a friend has gone for good. And that saddens me greatly."

He also expressed fears that Nase was "already concocting stories involving me as prime scapegoat ..." When it was suggested that perhaps both threads should be deleted, BB replied:

"Lock them if necessary, but dont delete. I want any future critics to know that we did everything possible to help Geoffrey. Plus, I think its important evidence incase I myself am targetted in the near future. I want the hard evidence there to prove that I did nothing wrong."