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With Nase no longer employed by the Rosacea Treatment Institute of Texas, members of the support boards are hoping for an end to the parade of fake patients promoting his commercial interests. Yet if Nase decides to concentrate on his private consultancy service, perhaps we should expect to see even more?

Since Nase was perma-banned from the rosacea internet community, the boards have been plagued with these false testimonials. Although the characters always write about Nase in the third person and deny being him, Nase occasionally admits the deception either when the evidence is particularly strong or he becomes angry or frustrated. Characters he has owned-up to include "Maria Cappolla" and "redbegone", plus a range of guest posts.

The RTIT had not long opened for business when "Dr. J.J." from NYU School of Medicine wrote to say that he had already booked to be treated. He explained, "I have been a rosacea sufferer for 5 years now and this greatly interferes with my ability to practice medicine." His free consultation with Nase had lasted for almost 2 hours, and Nase's depth of knowledge had so impressed the physician that he wished to explain why criticisms of Nase were unfounded.

The supposed New York physician didn't get to post his progress reports because the moderators banned him after realising that his messages came from Nase's computer in Indiana. It was the same computer address used by "Maria Cappolla", "redbegone" and the group of guest posts Nase had already acknowledged. Yet even without the computer IP, it was obvious who had composed the posts. A respected Forum member wrote:

"Everybody who kows this forum would know in an instant who it was who was posing as this 'poor sick physician from New York'. A genuine newbie would take months to amass all of the vitriolic bitterness in that post."

"... it could not be just an angry person trying to post, oh no it had to be a practising physician to lend weight, talk about overkill, it would be funny if it was not so sad."


As a Forum moderator noted, "Nase writes longwinded bogus accounts about how good he is". It is striking how relentlessly Nase's immodesty shines through. "Maria Cappolla", who claimed to have been treated by Nase seven times, knew of "no bigger hero". The others all admit not having met Nase, yet still write unstintingly about how good he looks, how much weight he has lost, how noble he is, and how incredibly hard he works for all rosaceans.

Unfortunately, it is usually a lot easier to spot these strange identities than it is to prove ownership, especially if the creator posts from another computer terminal or uses a proxy server to obscure origins. Many angry battles have been fought over whether a particular identity is Nase in disguise, or a genuine member who just happens to sound like him, or a real person Nase has persuaded to post whole chunks of easily recognisable Nase-speak phrases.

One apparently young newbie went into detail about his great success at the RTIT but was even more keen on thanking Nase for "his many hours at the Rosacea Institute". "He is passionate for his patients. He is an expert in his field." "I found Dr. Nase to be one of the most compassionate human beings I have met. More could be gained by working collabaratively than concerns with ego." Pressed by other members, the poster admitted never having met Nase at all.


These characters are always "impressed" or "very impressed" by Nase's knowledge and his patience at answering questions, they are invariably "excited" about the institute, they repeat advertising claims as if they were irrefutable fact, and are keen to draw attention to the newest treatments on offer. Nothing shakes their bright confidence in Nase, and any critical comments bring anger and disappointment that anyone could doubt them and their wonderful doctor.

A classic example was Seattle schoolboy and wannabe-rapper Jordan "jmb212121", who offered two myspace pages as proof of authenticity, but still messed up when posting about his "homie dr nase", a "great guy" who "works his but off until hes practicly exausted". "He really isnt just a consultent for his institute he really gets involved with all his patients and he really does care." Jordan tripped over conflicting details of his story, then fled when it was pointed out that he appeared to be the same person as "Corvette" and "Rosie", banned from ESFB for promoting the RTIT with similarly lavish praise about Nase's boss, the ETS surgeon who was "such a great doctor who genualy cared about the welfare of his patients" and whose many patients "know how great he is that that he really cares about his patients".

When Jordan got into trouble, his 'mother' posted to back him up and criticised people for being unkind to her child. Jordan was only 17, and it's hard to call-out a teenager as a liar. Nase's fake identities are often turned into very detailed characterisations with their own distinct styles of expression, especially through the use of peculiar language and bizarrely-distorted spelling, which Jordan excelled at. He spelled definitely 'definetly' and because 'becuase', while both "Corvette" and "Rosie" went for 'deffinatly' and 'becuase'. More significantly, all three were so muddle-headed that their stories quickly became farcical.

http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?t=11368 pp. 22-27 http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?t=13397 http://www.rosaceagroup.org/The_Rosacea_Forum/showthread.php?t=11141

The latest exposure came at the ESFB board in April. Again, it was a 17-year-old whose spelling was as ridiculous as Jordan's. Posting as an English boy, "uglynred" tried to drum up interest in one of the research projects Nase is most keen on, kept tossing Nase's name around, then announced that he was going to have ETS not for rosacea but for severe flushing and blushing. The spelling swung wildly between smooth text and the near-illiteracy of passages such as: "people who has u will meet sum one that loves u for you is on plannet mars, theirs patetic who say that".

A newbie warned:

"Don't be deceived by "uglynred", he can spell "repulsive", "hideous", "advertised" and "complications". He is not likely to write "achally", "permanty" & "permenat", "seroiues" ,"relli" and "platic surgeon"."

"As Rosie and Corvette, he has already had ETS. As Jordan at the Rosacea Forum, he has already had ETS. Do you really think he is going to have this same operation FOUR times?"

"Uglynred" quickly came back to say that his physician had nixed the idea of ETS so there would be no op. He is still clinging on at ESFB, determined not to let go.


Given the frequency of these bizarre incarnations, will rosaceans have long to wait before similar characters spring up promoting Nase's consultancy services and his next employer?